2 thoughts on “Sam’s Sweet Chilli Gourmet Sauce Branding and Packaging

  1. I love this packaging- the stripe, the cork, all of it. However, I think it almost looks parfum-like, or makeup. Too nice for chili sauce! Maybe I would change my mind if I didn’t see the bottles clear, but with the chili in them…..

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    1. Hi Japonicanyc,

      Thank you so much for your feedback, it really is much appreciated! I agree with you on the bottle, I was trying to think a little against the conventional with this type of packaging, but in reality it’d probably look better (and be more cost effective, of course, the words every designer hates) to have just a screw top and a more sensible bottle shape.
      Thank you once again, I love your blog and your post from today about branding, if only we all had such a name to print in Times New Roman on various things 😀



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