Retro Video Games Prints

This project I took on as a personal assignment. I upload images of quick 1 hour sketches and illustrations to my instagram account (@MichaelPinfold) and recently I made a retro Super Nintendo game pad which received a lot of positive feedback, therefore I decided to make it into a 3 part print set, featuring the SNES controller, NES controller and N64 controller. Recently I rediscovered my love for retro games, in particular those from SNES and Playstation one, that’s what inspired me to create the first image in under 1 hour for instagram.

I created each variation in Adobe Illustrator, using vector shapes and lines, and I focussed a lot on the colour schemes in particular which can be seen below. I’ve used the Pantone colour guides, with the trending 2016 colours, Cloud Dancer, Arctic Ice, and Opal Blue, all of which are soft tones and I think make great background colours.


Also below I’ve included some preliminary sketches that I created and then remapped into photoshop to add clarity and brightness.


30cmx30cm high quality prints can be purchased as a set for £75. Please enquire on the Contact page of my website. Thank You.


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