Fitbit: Alta HR Product Card

The aim of this project was to create a ‘Product Card’ for Fitbit’s new Alta HR fitness tracker. The Product Card will be used on the homepage of their website to drive traffic to the product page. It will also be repurposed for various digital advertisements over social media platforms and other influential fitness websites. My design was made to be bright, modern and up-to-date, keeping in mind modern UX techniques. The product is the key focal point here, so I made sure that the design really enables the product to shine. I also decided to remove the price information from the front page, and move that further into the ‘Shop Now’ process.


The Alta HR allows users to track their movement, calories and heart rate whenever it’s being worn. It can also receive texts, calls and calendar alerts, and will also remind the user to move when they’ve been sedentary for too long. My design needed to portray health, fitness and wellbeing.

The Alta HR comes in a variety of colours, so I had a fairly extensive colour palette to choose from. I chose the blue from the Fitbit logo, as I think it blends well with the product colour and looks bright and attention grabbing on mobile devices.


My design is all about user experience and user satisfaction, so it had to be easy and intuitive to use, whilst keeping it visually appealing. The size of the final design I had to submit was 800 x 600px.

Modern UI should utilise modern browser and software capabilities, therefore I was constantly thinking about vibrant colours, drop shadows and various layers to make the most of such capabilities.



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